Our 1st group retreat :-)

Carbene Group Huynh

For the last weekend of March in 2009, we had our first ever group retreat in Desaru, Malaysia. The main aim of this group retreat is to write up a student training program for our group, which was accomplished in those three days. 🙂 Another aim is of course to relax and recharge. On Friday, we went on a firefly tour. There we sat in a little boat watching thousands of fireflies shining along the river. This is really a fascinating experience for me. On Saturday, our nice boss treated us to a sea food dinner, hehe. On Sunday, we went to the Desaru Fruit Farm. There we were provided with a guided tour, from which we learnt how banana, durian, dragon fruit, passion fruit etc. grow. As a girl from the temperate zone, I saw what those tropical fruit trees are like for my first time, hehe. At this moment when my graduation is so soon, the group retreat adds another treasure into my memory for my 4 years’ Ph.D. life in Singapore.

Carbene Group Huynh

Carbene Group Huynh

One thought on “Our 1st group retreat :-)

  1. Gruess Gott!

    Long time no chat, dude,

    Just read your review in European J of Inorganic Chemistry.

    Very impressive, indeed.

    You are the best, truly carbene chemist from NUS. Not like other freaks, you have some very cold ideas.

    Keep up the good work!

    I need to go back to steppe, so talk to you later.



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