Spam in the name of Science

We all know annoying spam emails trying to sell viagra, software or other things. However in academia we have to face another type of spam, which is intended to be an application. The following is just one example that can probably be found in inboxes of many scientists throughout the world. Most people will just delete it instantly. So, to all potential students, postdocs, RAs, etc etc…stop this stupidity and put at least some effort in your applications.

I am M.Sc., chemistry graduate working as a Research officer in XYZ Ltd, R&D Centre, XYZ , XYZ . I have theree years and eight months research experience in the field of API and custom synthesis. I would like to do Ph.D. under your guidance. I attached my profile . If possible I kindly request you to give me. An Oppourtunity. I am waiting for your reply.

Thanking You

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