A new Semester…

A new semester has started accompanied by a “seasonal” change of our team. Our Honours students have successfully graduated and our UROPS students have moved on after completing their projects. I wish them all the best for their endeavors. I am happy, that Haresh has decided to pursue a master degree in NHC chemistry. In addition, Christine Koh has joined the team for her Final Year Project, and Stefan M. J. Mitzinger visits our lab supported by funds from DAAD. Two other Honours students Quek Cai Zhen Sophie and See Xin Yi have followed Sharon Lim’s footsteps and started their Final Year Projects at ICES with my collaborators Drs Ludger Stubbs and Martin Van Meurs. Similarly, Tay Boon Ying from ICES has started her part-time M.Sc. project under co-supervision of Ludger and me.
Finally, I have been promoted to Associate Professor and need to thank particularly all my previous students for their hard work 🙂

4 thoughts on “A new Semester…

  1. Congrats for your promotion. Finally u get what u deserve?!
    Glad i could be part of it for a short time 😉

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!
    Though I’m sure my part in this NHC sucsess story is only a minor one we should have a drink together the next time we may meet……

  3. Thanks Daniel. I’m happy that you enjoyed your stay with us and wish you all the best for your doctorate studies in Braunschweig.

  4. Hallo Holly, our paper on Ni-NHC is actually highly cited in the meantime. It contributed as well and we should have a few beers on it either in Germany or Singapore 🙂

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