Group Retreat on Tioman 2010

Group photo@Tioman2During the last weekend of June (25-27) in 2010, we had our 2nd group retreat on the beautiful island of Tioman, Malaysia. The objective this time was to update our group manual with new additions and improvements and of course to have fun together. Although our group has shrunken compared to last year (Dr Han Yuan, Yuan Dan, Hong Lee

and me), we had additional participants/visitors who joined in for the fun. Thus we enjoyed the company of my long-term study friends Drs Peter Maier and Phu Qui Nguyen, whom I have not seen for ~8 years. Our exchange student Daniel Upmann and his wife also came along. During those three days, we really enjoyed our time relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, feeding fishes and finishing numerous bottles of Tsingtao beer. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Group Retreat on Tioman 2010

  1. The group retreat trip was really great except for the substandard service of Tioman Berjaya Resort…

    Hopefully we will have a “fatter” group photo next time…:)

  2. That is quite true. Poor me had to sleep on a worn out mattress for two nights and had to chased them the whole day and evening to have it finally changed for the last night. I should have slept on the beach instead…

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