Han Yuan’s 4th paper

Han Yuan’s 4th paper and her second in Organometallics entitled “Mono- vs Bis(carbene) Complexes: A Detailed Study on Platinum(II)-Benzimidazolin-2-ylidenes” is now available as an ASAP article.

3 thoughts on “Han Yuan’s 4th paper

  1. WAH!!!! @_@ Congrats to Han Yuan! If it is me, I will give a treat to my boss for his guidance…. 😉

  2. Yes, Mean is absolutely right!!! When I was a student, I always treated my boss to lunch and dinner at least once a week. And I also “da bao” frequently for my boss. Guess students nowadays are different…
    Maybe “Mean” is in reality “Nice” 😉

  3. It seems that poor me has no choice if i want to get graduated. 🙁 Nowadays, it is very difficult to be a good student. You have to work very hard, get many crystals and publications, treat your boss extremely nice…sigh. Some more, you need to watch out your friends… 🙂

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