Hello World

Welcome to the “webpage cum blog” of the Huynh Research Group (HRG). This is the first sign of our presence on the internet, and I would like to introduce ourselves. We’re a small fun-loving research group in the Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore (NUS). Since 2003, we’re actively involved in the study of N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) and their transition metal complexes. Singapore??? Yes, although this page has a German domain we are REALLY based in Singapore, which shows how small the world has “virtually” become with the internet. Everything is just a mouse-click away! Our group is also truly multicultural and multinational. The Boss, me :), is a Vietnamese-Chinese with German citizenship. Our members come from Singapore, Malaysia, China and India. So much for the first entry…
Feel free to browse our pages, drop us a line and come back for more updates!

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