New Team Members

Since August 2010, the Huynh Research Group has luckily grown back to a healthier size, and so Carbene Chemistry “Made in Singapore” will continue to thrive for the next few years. The new team members are Teng Qiaoqiao (Ph.D.), Guo Shuai (Ph.D.), Tang Haoyun (Ph.D.), Haresh S/O Sivaram (Hons), Ng Ping Siang (Hons), Yeo Chee Keong (Hons), Cliffton Ong Xiong Zheng (Hons), Wu Wenqin (UROPS) and Chong Chiew Mei (UROPS). In addition, the two new “senior” members Uma Maheswari and Xiao Linfei just joined the group this October. On the other hand, Hong Lee has submitted his M.Sc. thesis in August and is awaiting his graduation.

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