New Year Update

2010 is already 1 month old, I realized that the last entry was months ago. I was probably too busy, too comfortable or simply too lazy to update the webpage. Anyway, many things have happened since the last entry and therefore this update will be rather “concentrated”.
Let’s start with some old “news” on group members:
Sometimes in August 2009, five new Honours students (Ivan, Geck Woon, Chee Fei, Tiffany and Sharon) started their FYPs and are soon already finishing their work. Dr. Han Yuan has returned from China and has re-joined the group now as my first research fellow! Dr. Surajit Jana from the Mitzel group in Germany is our second new research fellow. In the meantime, we also had three visiting students from different countries (Saikat Manna from IIT Karagpur, India; Van Manh Pham from ENSCM Montepellier, France; and Emily Lai from UBC Vancouver, Canada) for a short period in our lab. Earlier this month Jothibasu has submitted his thesis and is curently enjoying his life in India while waiting for his defence.
The pictures of these guys and girls can be found at the “Group Members” or “Former Group Members” pages.

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